s w i m m i n g  pool

the summer of 2005. this is the story of debi and james' pool being built!

our pool is being built by pulliam pools in fort worth. our designer was ron hays and our superintendent is gary button.

it has all moved so fast - in some cases faster than we were told!! everyone we have dealt with at pulliam has been so nice and helpful, and gary has really done a fantastic job making sure everything is how it should be and answering my 8 zillion questions :) if anyone in the fort worth area is thinking of putting in a pool, i would highly recomend using pulliam - just make sure to tell them i refered you!!

August 21
more filling the pool
August 20
acid wash and filling the pool
August 19
pebble tec
August 17
pouring the deck
August 16
steel inspection of decking by city

no pictures today

August 12
form boards & rebar for decking
August 10
electrical inspection by city

no pictures today

August 9
electrical work
August 8
finished up coping
August 5 & 6
August 4
August 3
August 2
steel inspection by city

no pictures today

August 1
plumbing and equipment
July 29
putting in the steel rebar
July 28
digging the hole
July 20
sketching out the pool with paint
just cuz they are cute