y o y o m e o w

stats: female, born december 2001, adorable, feisty, very loved.

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First day at home I'm gonna get you! Huh? Shhhh .. I'm sleeping In a bag
On Debi's monitor Playing with a paper towel tube Profile Sleeping again Sticking her tounge out at you
Up close and personal What is this? With Tigger! Caught ya! Just chillin'
Me and my shadow Napping Portrait Towering over the household Upside down
On top of the kitchen cabinets Looking out the bathroom window In the chest of drawers Curled up in a little ball Napping on a pillow
Extreme closeup Kitty!! Look at me! Our little angel Don't bother me while I'm sleeping
I found a new place to nap Lazing on the ottoman After a bath Playing in her water bowl Sniffing under the door to the new kitten
Just a sittin' Staring at something really interesting Playing with a rubberband Sniffin the carrier once when we brought Nova back from the vet Awwwwwww

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